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This tutorial walks you through the process of designing a bubble in Photoshop.

1 – Create your circle in a new layer, use a colored background instead of pure white or black.

2 – This is what we want to achieve first by using the following layer style modification. Double click on the layer in the layer pallet to bring up the layer style window.

3 – Apply Satin, I use opacity = 37, distance = 30, size = 90 . You should play around it to get your own style.

4 – Apply gradient – while in this window you can click on the canvas (within the circle we just made) to move the starting point of the gradient. Move it to the upper right.

5 – Apply Inner glow – change the color to white, and reduce opacity and increase the size.

6 – In a new layer (click new on the layer pallet) paint two highlight points in 30-50% opacity.

7 – add a hot spot on the top highlight point, delete any paint that is out of the circle.

8 – merge bot the highlight/hotspot layer with the bubble layer, apply a chrome filter on this layer

9 – apply the same chrome effect again to get more chrome feel.

10 – change the layer blending to overlay

11 – you will probably want to lower the opacity of the chrome layer so it’s not too harsh.

12 – I added more inner glow at the end to give it a more translucent feel.

This is what I used the bubbles for, I did some blurring and lowering of opacity to match the ambiance.