The basics of Selection Tool

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The most basic tool in Photoshop is Selection tool; you will use this to position all your layers and objects.

1 To activate the Selection tool, click on the icon on your toolbar or use shortcut key by pressing the letter V on your keyboard
2 Auto Select allows you to select the layers just by clicking on the canvas.
3 While selecting layers you can also choose individual layers or grouped layers.
Alt/Option + Drag You can duplicate while in the selection tool by Alt/Option and click+drag an item on the canvas. The entire layer will be duplicated.
Ctrl/Command + Click to select You can select a layer by clicking within the canvas by holding Ctrl/Command.
Ctrl/Command + Click and Drag You can select multiple layers by (with the selection tool activated) click+draging a mark within the canvas, every layer within the selection becomes selected.
Click and Drag The simplest operation is dragging a layer around, do that by click+dragging your house with the desired layer selected.
Hold Shift Hold shift while moving with the selection tool to lock horizontal or vertical direction
(arrow keys) on your keyboard The arrow keys on your keyboard can be used to move the layer one pixel at a time.
Shift + (arrow keys) Holding shift while pressing the arrow key can move the layer 10 pixels at a time.
4 Activate the Show Transform Controls to freely distort and rotate the layers. This is similar to using free transform.
Enter After you are done rotating and scaling with the Transform Controls, press enter to reorient the Control.
5 & 6 You can align two or more layer by selecting all the layers you want to align and use the align button. You can align based on horizontal or vertical direction and by the edge and center.
7 & 8 You can distribute/space out three or more layers evenly by selecting all the layers you want to distribute and use the distribute button. You can choose the distribution based on horizontal or vertical direction and by the edge or center.
Rick click menu (Command Click) Right click or Command Click to bring up a Layer selection menu.
(number) shortcut keys Press a number on your keyboard to change the opacity. Pressing 2 on your keyboard changes the opacity to 20% and 7 changes it to 70% and so on.
9 If you have taken consecutive photos such as a panorama landscape, you can select all the photo and Auto-Align it.

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