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Speed up your process in Photoshop by learning shortcuts! Shortcuts can be difficult to learn especially when you are new to the program and with so many software to learn it will get tougher.

So I created my own set of shortcut list to print out, each grouped into smaller categories so that I can find the exact shortcut I want with one glimps. Learning shortcuts in Photoshop will speed up your work by at least 40%! …ok ok I lied, I made that number up, but shortcut really speeds things up significantly, they will give you more time to learn and create instead of wasting it on finding the right tool on the menu, try them out.

Here is some of the more useful shortcuts in Photoshop that I use regularly. You will see a star* next to some of the shortcut names, that is because they are not part of the default set, you will have to go into the shortcut key menu to change them, but for the most part it stays the same. I hope you find my custome shortcuts useful and I encourage you to find your own set of shortucuts. Click here to download the file so you can upload them onto your Photoshop.

Custome photoshop shortcut list

Custome photoshop shortcut list

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